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Everyone has a role in creating change!

There are people who truly want to make fundamental changes.
Mission-oriented individuals and organizations that, against all odds, transform problems into opportunities.
Creative thinkers with bold ideas, people who tackle a wide range of emerging issues, grantmakers committed to supporting new solutions, and corporations deeply engaged with social and environmental impact.

A worldwide movement has started, and everyone has a role!
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Our Story

Chapter One: Firsthand experience of struggles

Maria, a co-founder, had several experiences that shaped her convictions throughout her life. She has memories of all of them—in particular, one that gave her a glimpse of another reality happened in Mozambique, where she lived for a year with rural communities. In a visit to a hospital, she met a two-year-old who was suffering from malnutrition and ended up dying in her arms, and at the same time was called to help deliver three babies.

Another journey led her to the Amazon, where, while working in a very remote area, she got a severe case of malaria. Deep in the jungle and days away from the city, she experienced firsthand the lack of medical services for the population.

Chapter Two: Being in the field

Duarte, the other co-founder, has also been exposed to different realities that made him realize that he should become a changer too.
Some of his toughest experiences occurred while he lived in a favela of Rio, working with local social entrepreneurs. Several times they had to take cover from gunfire while working daily with people affected by drug trafficking and prostitution.

And in Rabo de Peixe, a fishing village that Duarte regularly visited and worked in for seven years dealing with cases of poverty, alcohol abuse, and severe domestic violence. From nights spent out on the streets with children who couldn’t go home because of their alcoholic and violent parents, to working with local organizations to build a strategy for the village, it was here that he found his passion for social entrepreneurship.

Chapter Three: Telling stories around the world

Besides their passion for social work, our founders had another thing in common: their talent for telling stories. Thus, they packed their bags and travelled the world to collect stories about social entrepreneurs and help them better communicate their projects. Together, they filmed more than 50 videos about world changers in countries such as Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, Mongolia, Bolivia, and Peru.

They came across amazing, inspiring stories of individuals and organizations, such as the recovered lives of resilient drug addicts in South Africa; brave missionaries working in the most dangerous streets of Sao Paulo; dedicated social entrepreneurs in the Amazon, defending forests against illegal logging (despite threats and danger); and even organizations trying to protect the lives and ways of the last nomadic herders in Mongolia.

Chapter Four: A global solution

Being social changers themselves, the will to join the projects they filmed and start putting “hands to work” in the field was growing in them. At the same time, they wanted more: something that, somehow, could help not only the social entrepreneurs and communities they filmed, but also others facing the same challenges. All these experiences gave our co-founders understanding and a new global vision.

That’s how the idea of creating an online platform to gather and empower world changers was born. Inspired and moved by each social entrepreneur’s stories and leadership, we’ve been working hard and will continue to do so. More than 100,000 miles, 120 talks, and a lot of feedback later, here we are.

Chapter Five: Financing the dream

After building a great team and setting the right goals, we needed a way to finance our venture, starting with software development. Thus, we started making video productions for foundations and organizations, such as:

Chapter Six: Networking and showcasing WeChangers

We also had the opportunity to meet people from world-class organizations, which not only allowed us to increase our knowledge of the topic of social change but also to showcase our platform to some of the field's leading organizations, such as:

Chapter Seven: A beta version was born!

We just launched our beta version! During this stage, we will be testing and collecting feedback from users. We feel that we have gained the trust of some of the major networks, foundations, and social entrepreneurs in the field from all over the world, and the goal now is to actively work to scale services for users and features. In the meantime, we’re getting ready for a round of investment and the creation of an advisory board, not only to scale our organization but also our impact in the world. After all, our own story just started…and there are many more chapters to come.


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